Atlas Insurance Agency Moves Downtown Headquarters

HONOLULU – Atlas Insurance Agency, Inc. (Atlas), Hawaii’s largest insurance agency established in 1929, announced today it will move its headquarters to 201 Merchant Street, opening for business at the new location June 24th. Over 80 employees will occupy two full floors of the City Financial Tower.

“Our strategic move to a newly renovated, state-of-the-art office with innovative technology positions Atlas to achieve our vision for the future. It will allow us to continue serving our clients and the Hawaii community to the best of our abilities,” said Atlas Insurance Agency President Chason Ishii. “The design of our new office focuses on welcoming the next generation of leaders to the insurance industry and building upon our success as a “Best Places To Work” for 11 years in row.”

The new space features eight conference rooms, a computer training room, and eight collaboration areas for Atlas team meetings, emphasizing group work spaces and the One Atlas approach. The office design is a reflection of Atlas’ plan for future growth, and it embraces the working styles of younger generations entering the workforce. Sit/stand desks with adjustable monitors will be the norm in every cubicle, office, and workstation. Atlas also created hoteling workstations for future new hires and remote staff when they need to report to the office.

In addition to workplace wellness and productivity, Atlas is passionate about giving back to the community. Instead of throwing away the old office furniture, Atlas donated file cabinets, desks, and tables to various nonprofit organizations, and covered the cost of break down, delivery, and set up of the heavy furniture.

At Atlas, doing the right thing matters, whether it is for their staff or the community; Hawaii is not just a place they do business, it is their home.

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