If you want to drive a vehicle in Hawaii, you’ll need insurance, period

If you want to drive a vehicle in Hawaii, you’ll need insurance, period

No matter how careful a driver you are, accidents can and do happen. Make sure your auto insurance has you covered under any circumstance.

The best protection starts with a seasoned Atlas broker who will know exactly how to match your needs

At Atlas, we’ll make sure that your vehicle, and most importantly — you and your passengers — are protected if an accident, damages or theft should occur.

Do you have an automobile or are you planning on buying one soon? Ask us about multi-policy discounts, where you can save money on your car and homeowners premiums.

Other vehicles we cover:

  • Antique Autos
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Jet skis
Raymond Chan

Raymond Chan


The Atlas team was instrumental in providing my family with adequate coverage and taking care of our insurance needs. Not only were they able to secure hurricane coverage for my family’s properties immediately preceding a hurricane moratorium, but they also made sure to reinstate coverage for my family’s auto insurance after it had lapsed. Even though Atlas was not the broker for my auto policy, they made sure that the agent took care of our needs, which demonstrates the value of Atlas. I strongly recommend Atlas to anyone who is looking for a quality and knowledgeable insurance agent.

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