We Are Proud to Announce the Launch of Epay!

Listening to the needs of our customers and the Hawaii community is a key competent to our continuous improvement process. We not only aim to offer superior client service, but also the latest technological advancements in the industry.

We see the online payment tool as an efficient and useful tool in helping our clients manage their insurance policies. We still accept our normal payment methods including mailing in checks or hand delivery.

At this time, we would like our clients to be aware of our online payment disclaimer:

Paying online does not automatically guarantee coverage, or reinstatement when your policy is in cancellation status.  We will not apply online payments for policies that are canceled or expired. Payments made after the due date will not reinstate a policy that was previously lapsed or cancelled for nonpayment of premium. Payments processed on this site are subject to verification before posting to your policy and are not a contract or an agreement to extend insurance coverage.

Epay FAQs: 

What is ePay? 

ePay is the new online system that clients with invoices can use to pay their insurance premiums.

Is ePay free?

No.  While Atlas does not receive any money when a client uses ePay, the processing company does charge a rate 3.25% of the total transaction amount.  ACH bank debit is also available for a $3.00 flat fee per transaction.

Can I lump more than one invoice together? 

Yes, our client can select one, multiple or all invoices and remit a single payment.

What if I do not have an invoice?

All clients must have an Atlas invoice in order to use ePay.  If you do not have an invoice, then you cannot use the system.

Who do I call if I, or my client, have a question? 

Please call our main line at 808-628-5320 and ask for the accounting unit, specifically Duane Hopp or Delia Wong.

Can I make a partial payment on an invoice?

No.  Payment must be made in full, a partial payment will not be accepted.

When will payments be posted to my account?

Payments will generally post to accounts 2 to 3 days from date of the credit card transaction. For ACH payments, transactions can take up to 5 business days to clear.  If payment is time-sensitive, we recommend using the credit card payment option.

What if I pay for a policy invoice that is in cancellation?

If you pay for a policy that is in cancellation or cancelled, funds will be put on account and accounting will discuss with the account manager.  It is important to understand that payment on the website does not mean coverage is extended.  Payments are subject to verification before posting to the account and payment is not a contract or agreement to extend coverage.

For more information, please call our main line at 808-628-5320.

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