Tiered System Released as Oahu Restrictions Pull Back

Beginning Thursday, September 24, Oahu will allow for certain businesses and attractions to reopen with limited capacity and gatherings held to a maximum of five people, under Oahu’s new tiered system. City officials designed the system in order to strategically address the increases in new COVID-19 infections.

While it is welcome news to all, residents will need to read the rules carefully and understand that restrictions are still in place.

Under the new system, Tier 1 which begins on September 24th will allow for a variety of nonessential businesses to reopen that were previously shut down due to the “stay-at-home” order. Businesses will still need to contend with capacity limits and numerous other restrictions.

Highlights of the new order include: 

  • Businesses allowed to reopen:
    • Social gathers are allowed up to a five person (who can be unrelated) maximum at parks, beaches, and hiking trails
    • Retails and essential businesses must follow a 50% max capacity limit
    • Restaurants can reopen at 50% capacity with parties no bigger than five people from the same household. Reservations are required and contact details must be provided
    • Museums, zoos, and attractions can reopen at 50% capacity
    • Bowling alleys can reopen at 50% capacity, parties limited to five people
    • Hair and nail salons can reopen with restrictions
    • Gyms and fitness facilities must operate outdoors
  • Businesses and activities NOT allowed to reopen:
    • Bars and night clubs
    • Short term rentals
    • Helicopter tours
    • Concerts
    • Live theater
    • Organized team sports

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