Insurance Agency Tips: Risk Consultant’s Role And Client Approach

One of the critical roles our Risk Control and Claims Management team initiate on behalf of our clients is our Client Consulting Services (CCS), a value-added service with the sole purpose of identifying the types of risks our clients may face. The team serves as a conduit to accomplish much more than just safety inspections or assessments. Comprised of a workers’ compensation claims specialist, a property and auto claims specialist, and six risk and safety consultants, we provide over 75 years of expertise in safety, health, and risk mitigation.

It is important to note, not every insurance agency or carrier has a risk control team. Some insurance agencies and carriers may only have one or two risk consultants on their team locally, while other insurance agencies and carriers have to fly in a representative from their corporate headquarters or use a third-party vendor to fill the void.

We have made the value-added service of risk control and claims management a priority and an essential part of our business strategy over the last 18 years.

So much so, that we have the largest risk control and claims management unit in the entire state of Hawaii.

Our client-focused approach is the strategic identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks with an integrated and economical application of resources to reduce, monitor, and control the likelihood and impact of unforeseen events. Not only do we support our clients through in-person meetings and inspections, but we also provide digital and technology-based resources to provide a complete solution.

Our Risk Control and Claims Management team works with clients in numerous ways to tailor programs specific to their needs. However, we regularly assist clients with the following:

  • Provide support and guidance when an OSHA/HIOSH inspector walks onto your property
  • Discuss confidential risk/exposures without the fear of insurance premiums going up
  • Manage the claim process to ensure claims are being adequately reserved and adjusted and devising an aggressive plan to close each claim
  • Assist with catastrophic or serious claims to ensure you are represented properly
  • Accompany the insurance carrier during on-site safety inspections to ensure recommendations are reasonable and to assist with the best cost-effective solution
  • Provide value-added services when the insurance carrier lacks and or does not provide risk management services

Our goal as a risk and claims consultant group is to develop trusted relationships by providing client advocacy. As we evaluate losses and exposures of all commercial insurance, we partner with clients in developing a plan to address these findings. We will also partner and manage the relationship with the insurance carriers based on a customized service plan. In essence, we complement insurance carriers by looking at all of your business risks as it pertains to your insurance program. Together, Atlas’ Client Consulting Services will properly equip the overall insurance journey, as we are dedicated to protecting the assets and the future of your company.

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Atlas Insurance’s team of risk management professionals maintains designations such as Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer, Certified Safety Professional, Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Certified Insurance Counselor, and Licensed Insurance Agent.

We can work with you to provide risk control measures that will help reduce losses, including safety training, developmental safety programs, hazard inspections, OSHA compliance, and more.

Our risk team can be reached via our online contact form.

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