Employee Theft: A Serious Problem

The greatest threat to your company may come from within.  By the time she was caught, Lola Jean Amorin had allegedly stolen nearly seven million dollars from her employer over the course of 10 years.  For 30 years before, Amorin had served as the senior accountant at a local non-profit organization, which assists children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Further investigation by authorities showed that her thefts amounted to about $50,000 a month and, sadly, affected the organization’s ability to serve its mission.  In a statement to the local news, the organization’s leadership said they were completely shocked.

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We strongly encourage you to review your existing insurance program. Employee theft is often not covered by standard businessowners policies.  However, crime and fidelity coverage protects against losses not only due to employee theft, but also forgery, computer fraud, theft and vandalism of property.

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