Atlas Hosts Kansai University Senior High School Visitation

On October 29, Atlas Insurance Agency hosted ten students from Kansai University Senior High School in connection with the Hawaii Japanese Chamber of Commerce. During their visit they learned about insurance in Hawaii from Izumi Kinney and Kevin Hakoda. Conversations about different types of insurance that exist, as well as, how they contrast to the insurance in Japan.

Certified as a Super Global High School (SGH) by the Japanese government from 2014-2018, Kansai University Senior High School has conducted a program called “Overseas Study Tour” in close coordination with Kansai University, one of the most prestigious universities in Japan.

This program aims to foster globalized leaders who will be able to play active roles on the international stage as the rapid development of globalization continues.

Through this program, students conduct fieldwork both domestically and internationally on a research topic as a part of their learning. Students professed their newfound experience cultivated an awareness and deeper knowledge of societal differences, communicative ability and problem-solving skills.

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