Surety & Bonds

With a dedicated Surety staff, Atlas has the expertise to protect against construction risks

Whether you’re looking for surety bonds for a private construction or public works project, trust your business to our team of experienced surety specialists.

Atlas is recognized as one of the premier providers of surety and bonds in Hawaii. We work hard to service the diverse needs within the local building industry and pride ourselves on maintaining long-standing relationships built on trust and performance.

In addition to construction contracts, Atlas has the capability to provide a broad range of written guarantees for non-contract or specialty accounts, including Notary Bonds, Mortgage Brokers Bonds, Private Trade, Vocational or Technical School, and Private Detective Bonds.

No matter what kind of bond you require, our full-time surety staff is one of only a few insurance agents in Hawaii with the experience and expertise to address all of your surety needs.

Typical insurance coverages for Surety & Bonds include but are not limited to:

  • Notary Public Official Bonds

    Guarantee that a Notary will faithfully perform their duties and avoid any acts of malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance. It is required by law that a Notary Public must file a bond with the State Attorney General's Office before assuming office.

  • Contractor's License Bond

    Written if a contractor is required by the State Contractors' Licensing Board to post a bond. It guarantees that a contractor will conduct business in accordance with the governing laws, ordinances and regulations of their trade or profession.

  • Specialty (Miscellaneous) Bonds

    Required from most commercial entities, non-profit organizations, and licensed practitioners. They guarantee that the aforementioned individuals will comply with the laws, regulations, ordinances and/or agreements to which they become obligated. (i.e. Mortgage Brokers Bonds, Private Trade, Vocational or Technical School, Private Detective Bonds)

  • Performance Bonds

    Guarantee that the contractor will complete the contract in accordance to the contract terms and conditions, for the amount agreed upon and in the time specified. Labor and Material Payment Bonds guarantee that the contractor will pay subcontractors and suppliers for all labor and materials as listed in the contract.

  • Bid Bonds

    Guarantees the owner that the contractor (bidder) will enter into a contract at the price bid, and will provide the required Performance and Payment Bonds if the job is awarded to them.  

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