Why Atlas?

As Hawaii’s largest insurance broker, it is our belief in our core values that brought us to where we are today.

Atlas Core Values

Our core values say a lot about who we are and why you should choose us. The way we do business is based on the following principles:


We are not just insurance agents or providers, we are your insurance guides. You set your goals — for your business, for your life — and with our knowledge, experience and tools, we chart a path and travel along with you on your journey. We can course — correct as conditions change, guide you through rough spots and steer you around obstacles.


At Atlas, we consider ourselves your partner — not just your vendor. We take the time to know you because we’re fully invested in the success of your business. We believe finding the best combination of products takes a lot more than 15 minutes, so we put in whatever it takes to get it just right, now and for the future.


As the largest local insurance agency, we have the tools, resources and capital to handle all of your insurance needs. It gives us the capability to strategically address exposures, come up with innovative solutions and fine — tune customized policies.


Insurance is extremely complicated, but we love it. We relish the challenges of fine print and loopholes, exceptions and waivers, liabilities and risk management. Because finding the perfect coverage for you is what we look forward to every day.


A big part of being proactive is the ability to fill the gaps and prevent loss before it actually happens. We help organizations manage and mitigate known risks and transfer others, so that together we can focus on actually decreasing insurance needs.


We are located right here in Hawaii, in your time zone, on three islands. Go ahead — put our cellphone numbers on speed dial so if you need us, you can call anytime, day or night. No call center or robo service will answer, we promise.


People over profits. Service over sales. We get immense satisfaction saving you money and providing a safety net whenever, wherever you need it. We will never choose a higher profit margin over a better solution for your specific needs. Our 97% client retention rate says it all.

When you select Atlas as your insurance broker, you not only have a wide range of options at your fingertips, you also have a trusted partner and navigator to guide you toward your goals while answering any questions along the way.

Because policy offerings are updated by carriers all the time, we find this ongoing collaboration works well in keeping our clients informed about the latest market offerings so that they can always have the best plan at the best prices.

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