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Atlas Insurance has always had an eye towards the future. That’s why we’ve created an internship program specifically for young and ambitious millennials with the intent of hire at the completion of a successful program.
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Since 2009, Atlas Insurance has been consistently voted one of Hawaii’s Best Places to Work

Plus, we’re ranked the #1 insurance broker in the state (PBN Book of Lists), solidifying our position as the go-to experts for all insurance needs. 

For us, that makes each intern a valuable, long-term investment to continue our level of expertise and service, and perhaps, to set the bar even higher.

Greg Matsuura

Greg Matsuura

Account Manager

The Atlas internship was an amazing learning experience and prepared me for my transition to a full-time position. The Atlas difference in an internship is their trust in interns to complete meaningful work that is fundamental to Atlas’ success, it is the same type of work an employee is tasked with. Atlas values their interns’ ideas, contributions and wants them to contribute to the future of Atlas.

Lisha Nakamura

Lisha Nakamura

Account Manager

When I started at Atlas Insurance as an intern, I was welcomed with open arms and an opportunity to contribute to the overall growth of the company. Atlas prides itself on unity and the development of its professionals. Through the guidance and encouragement of the Atlas ohana, I have been able to grow professionally and personally, and easily transition into a working professional.

What you need to know

  • Internships are paid
  • We expend valuable time and resources to develop future employees so each intern is carefully selected
  • Interns spend one rotation through all the units before settling on a niche
  • Assignment of work directly impacts the Atlas bottom line
  • Scheduling is flexible to accommodate class times
  • Work hours up to 19 hours/week
  • Commitment to hire assumes completion of a successful internship

Internship positions

  • Account Manager
  • Benefits Consultant
  • Claims Consultant
  • Marketing
  • Risk Consultant


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