Back to the Office (With Extra Precautions)!

We’re happy to welcome all staff members back to our office! While the faces and upbeat atmosphere remain the same,we’ve added additional safety measures to ensure the health and well being of our staff.

The utmost important factor in returning to work was prioritizing the safety of our employees and providing a CDC compliant working environment. Upon returning, employees were required to complete a health questionnaire, complete daily temperature checks, and the wearing of face masks. Staff were also required to complete a virtual training that outlines the new safety procedures.

To smoothly transition to the “new normal” in our office, we’ve taken extra steps to help our staff adjust:

  1. Free Voluntary COVID-19 Antibody Testing For Atlas Employees
  2. Installed additional 1.5 foot tall plexiglass barriers between cubicles
  3. Provided staff with an Atlas cloth face mask in addition to three surgical masks included in staff’s welcome back package
  4. Two hand sanitizer bottles for use in the office
  5. A germ utility hook (used to reduce touching of elevator buttons and pull door handles)
  6. Floor social distancing stickers in high traffic areas
  7. Daily temperature check stations upon checking into the office
  8. Sanitation supplies in each meeting room for use after a meeting is completed
  9. Increased virtual meeting capacity to enable all staff to complete virtual meetings and reduce the need for in-person meetings
  10. Assembled a reopening best practices guide for our office and the Hawaii community to follow

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