Atlas Risk and Business Magazine: Q4 2020

As an important reminder, in an effort to better guide and inform you, we are following a quarterly release structure for our publication. With major developments in local and national insurance issues occurring so frequently, this change will help keep you even better informed on how the latest trends could impact your business insurance needs.

Not only will we be providing content more frequently, but we are also highlighting local businesses as the cover story for each issue. This in-depth coverage will provide an inside look into how local businesses operate and how they are continuing to innovate in our unique marketplace.

Check out the Q4 2020 release of our Risk & Business Magazine! Atlas staff and our national partners discuss the latest trends in the insurance industry as well as thought leadership for general business practices.

Atlas article topics and writers include:

  • Page 3: How We’ve Adjusted to Covid-19
  • Page 5: Letter From the President by Chason Ishii 
  • Page 6: Coaching Questions
  • Page 8: 5-Steps To Stop Sugarcoating & Speak Your Truth
  • Page 10: 7 Google Ad Hacks
  • Page 12: Review Your Benefits Plans For Cost-Savings
  • Page 14: 7 Strategies For Community Associations To Combat The Hard Market

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