Addressing Employee COVID Concerns Webinar

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Webinar Recap

In partnership with the Society of Human Resources — Hawaii Chapter, Joey Barroso from our Risk Control team participated as a panelist to address the increase in employee complaints related to COVID in the Workplace reported by Hawaii Occupational Health & Safety (HIOSH).

The interactive session features a panel of experts outlining  the HIOSH, Legal, and Risk Management perspectives.  In the webinar, they discuss common employee issues, what employers can legally do, how to minimize risk in the workplace, and what an employer can expect if a complaint is made.

Learning outcomes for this webinar include:

  1. Understanding common workplace COVID complaints by employees.
  2. If a complaint is filed, what to expect in a HIOSH investigation.
  3. Best practices to minimize risk in the workplace.
  4. Legal issues and what an employer must be aware of.
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