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Isolating specific risks to loss is key to having the most competitive insurance program

We think the most competitive insurance package should provide uncompromised protection at the lowest premiums.  But we also understand that you can’t always afford complete protection to all risks in today’s volatile, uncertain world.

At Atlas, it’s our job to work with you to define your risk appetite.  We then take the more important step of clearly articulating your coverage needs and history to our underwriters to lower your rates, so you don’t get the industry standard or worst yet, get surcharged because underwriters feel uncomfortable.

With our size and ability to reach many insurers, Atlas can be your one-stop shop for any or all types of Property or Casualty insurance.

We outsmart the old broken, outdated quote/bid mentality by giving underwriters the knowledge and information they need to help you reach your protection goals. For example, it’s just as important for them know you no longer have outdated fire alarms that have led to losses in the past, as it is to know you have a new sprinkler system in your building.

What our clients are saying
Bill June

Bill June

Indich Collection, Owner

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Atlas Insurance team for the past several years. We were intent on securing water damage coverage for our Ward Avenue showroom. This was a top of mind concern for me in order to protect our collection of Hawaiian, Contemporary, Oriental and Persian handmade rugs, given the occasional flooding that occurs near this location. However, most carriers excluded this type of policy. Thanks to Atlas' diligence and comprehensive understanding of insurance policies and the market, they found carriers that provided this type of coverage and presented me with affordable and comprehensive coverage options to supplement my standard insurance policies. As a business owner, it’s reassuring that I have an amazing partner in helping us navigate through the complexities of the insurance industry. Over the years, Atlas has always met and exceeded my insurance needs and am proud to be a client of Atlas Insurance Agency.

Kevin Kurihara

Kevin Kurihara

TD Foods, President

We have worked closely with the Atlas team for many years, and they have been very responsive to our requirements and follow-up requests. They’ve been an advocate for us and have helped us navigate the complexities of insurance coverages and policies, ensuring that we are adequately covered state-wide and in the Pacific with our operations in Hawaii, Guam & Saipan. The expertise, responsiveness and excellent client service is unparalleled in the industry. 

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