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Flooding is a relatively common and costly natural disaster here in Hawaii, particularly in areas near streams, rivers and beaches.

Blue fansFlood water can destroy walls, floors, furniture, and much more, and any home can be in danger of damage from sudden rushing water, mudflow, wave action and water overflow. Unfortunately, if your home were flooded, the cost of replacing your property and repairing your home would fall on you because flood losses are not covered under homeowners insurance policies.

Hawaii participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), so you can purchase flood insurance through Atlas. In addition to covering loss from flood, the NFIP also covers loss from Tsunami. Atlas Insurance Agency will secure the flood insurance you need and assure that your assets are protected from flooding.

Please note, coverage information contained in this website is for illustration purposes only, is general in nature, does not represent insurance contract provisions and is not meant to take the place of an insurance review. Please read your policy for specific details or contact one of our Atlas Agents for more information.

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