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Condo Owners

Don’t be caught off-guard when damage occurs to your condominium or worse yet, your downstairs neighbor!

Did you know that the association’s insurance policy does not cover your personal property, liability or any upgrades to your unit? When a loss occurs, the cost of your personal items and potentially, the cost damage to your condo neighbors, can easily exceed your ability to pay. Having the piece of mind that possessing a Condominium Unit Owners Insurance policy gives you is priceless. It’s no wonder that a growing number of Hawaii condominium associations are now requiring condo owners to possess this coverage.

Condominium Unit Owners Insurance coverage applies in the same manner and with the same general options as a home insurance policy, except this coverage gives consideration to the unique nature of condominium bylaws and their coverage requirements. Atlas understands this and will help ensure you have the coverage you need at a price you can live with.

Please note, coverage information contained in this website is for illustration purposes only, is general in nature, does not represent insurance contract provisions and is not meant to take the place of an insurance review. Please read your policy for specific details or contact one of our Atlas Agents for more information.

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