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Risk Control

Safety Best Practices

Providing the highest standards in safety is essential to any company’s success. It means working quickly, steadily and efficiently but at the same time, ensuring the safety of your employees. This is the most important consideration in your company’s operation. Having safety best practices in place can assist in reducing risk and hazards while operating your business.

Our Risk Control consultants will assist you in evaluating your overall safety program by utilizing our continuous improvement process. By having a successful safety program, your company will develop the culture needed to improve safety behavior and morale, which ultimately impacts your losses and saves you money.

Safety best practices include:

  • Graphical Loss Analysis and trend focus
  • Accident investigation
  • Communication – Education & Training
  • Written safety programs
  • Safety inspections and corrective actions
  • Safety Committee development

Graphical Loss Analysis

Atlas Risk Control consultants will conduct a ‘Graphical Loss Analysis’ to determine the appropriate route of services that will have the most impact to your loss trends. A thorough analysis will identify the basic facts relating to the nature and occurrence of accidents or incidents, which will ultimately reveal trends or patterns.

Accident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

Our Risk Control consultants conduct effective accident investigations and utilize ‘root cause analysis’ so employers can identify or recognize potential and actual accident causes and take appropriate proactive steps to eliminate such causes.

Education & Training

Our Risk Control consultants will assist you with your program by providing you with your educational programs, written programs, risk and claims newsletters, Risk Management Internet Portal and many other means of communication.

Hazard Identification Inspection

Atlas Risk Control consultants will assist with a number of different types of inspections including conducting our own hazard identification inspections. Atlas Insurance can also assist with developing a management corrective action checklist to ensure your company is placing closure to the hazards identified in the inspection.

Safety Committee Development

Our Risk Control consultants will assist your company in creating or enhancing your current Safety Committee. We will assess your committee to ensure you have the right positions and right people participating. Risk Consulting Services will provide the following services to assist you in developing the steps to an Effective Safety Committee.

  1. Structure of Safety Committee
  2. Determine the right amount of participants
  3. Type of positions and individuals participating
  4. Ensure management support and involvement
  5. Attendance to Safety Committee Meeting in Action
  6. Monitor and review effectiveness

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Risk Control Consultant Biographies

Steve Pang


Risk Consultant, Client Consulting Services
Steve has experience servicing large commercial accounts. His expertise is in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Steve works with the Halekulani Hotel & Resorts, Aqua Hotel & Resorts, Hawaii Building Maintenance, Armstrong Produce, FCH/Zippy’s, Jack in the Box and many others. He has been a guest speaker at various functions on topics relating to Safety Management. Steve is a member of the Hawaii Hotel Security Association (HHSA), President and Senior Member, International Association for Healthcare Safety & Security (IAHSS) Hawaii Chapter as well as a Vice President, Board of Directors, Kuakini Medical Center Federal Credit Union. Steve has over 13-years in the safety field and holds a number of different certifications. He is a graduate from the University of Hawaii and Brigham Young University.
David Ching


Risk Consultant, Client Consulting Services
David has an extensive amount of residential, commercial and wrap up construction experience. He has experience in servicing large commercial construction clients such as, Ameron Hawaii/International, Haseko, John A. Burns School of Medicine Project, Nan, Inc., and many others. He has also serviced many of our non-construction clients with their construction renovation projects to ensure adequate protection and compliance. David also was employed by the State of Hawaii Occupational Safety & Health (HIOSH) as the supervisor for the compliance branch. He has assisted Atlas Clients by being the client’s advocate in HIOSH inspections, attending informal conferences and providing guidance on citations & violations. He has over 25-years of experience in the safety field specializing in construction and holds a number of different certifications and is a member of various safety organizations.

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