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About Risk Control & Claims Management

Atlas Insurance Agency fully understands the client’s need for risk control and claims management consulting services. Our philosophy is simple – provide the best quality individual service possible and reduce our clients’ exposure to risk.

Group of peopleContinuous improvement is a very common term in today’s successful business climate. It is no different when we approach risk. The end result of our continuous improvement process is reduced hazard to risk, improved quality of work and increased productivity.

Atlas Risk Control & Claims Management provides individual services that reduce exposure to risk for our clients. Our individual services’ ensures sensible solutions that ultimately have an impact on the reduction of your losses – which in turn will reduce your premiums!

Our Risk Control & Claims Management team is made up of the following concentrations:

  • Risk Control Consultants
  • Claims Management Consultants
  • Creative Services

Read our Risk & Claims Consulting newsletter for important safety and claims related tips:

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Risk Control & Claims Management has the technical skills and knowledge to help our clients develop the right consulting plan from the beginning. We partner with our clients to build a safe working environment. We focus on identifying cost drivers and develop plans to eliminate or minimize those exposures, and your total cost of risk is reduced in the long run.

The following are some of the services offered through our agency:

  • OSHA Outreach/General Industry Safety Training
  • OSHA Outreach/Construction Industry Training
  • CPR/First Aid Training
  • Forklift Training

Our Risk Control & Claims Management group consists of trained and certified professionals, with training and/or certifications in:

  • Certified Insurance Counselor
  • Certified Health & Safety Technician
  • Certified Forklift Operator Instructors
  • Certified CPR/First Aid Instructors
  • Active Toastmasters Participants
  • Licensed Insurance Agents

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Client Success Stories

When you have an insurance agency that takes great pride in their services, success stories are bound to happen. Success stories are what motivate our consulting group to continue and find news ways of providing value to our clients. We also recognize how important our partnerships are with our clients. This contributes to the team’s success. Here are just a few such success stories:

Atlas Success Story #1

Atlas implemented a Drug Testing Program with a large client within the entertainment industry. Atlas conducted an evaluation of the client’s operations, assessing the following areas: employee turnover, accidents, productivity, absenteeism, employee morale. We determined the need for a formal Drug Testing Program, discussed the advantages of this prevention program with the client, and developed solutions. Our recommended solutions included a comprehensive written program (pre-employment, random and post accident drug testing), guidance on the selection of an effective Employee Assistance Program, and educating management and employees on the new program.

To measure success, we monitored the effectiveness of this prevention program and the client had positive results. The performance of the client’s Drug Testing Program improved their severity cost by 64%, Loss Ratio by 48% and their experience modification number went from 1.91 to 0.94. Big improvement!

Atlas Success Story #2

Atlas implemented an effective program with one of the largest transportation companies in the State of Hawaii. Due to the type of industry and exposures they continuously faced, this client experienced high frequency and severity cost for their employee accidents, averaging approximately 80-employee accidents a year with an average cost of $400,000. Atlas developed a detailed Graphical Loss Analysis that identified accident trends and key areas where management supported our consulting efforts to address those trends. Atlas developed and implemented a Management Accountability program which measured management’s safety performance. These areas included management involvement, accident investigations, late reporting, safety meetings, training, and inspections. Each area was given a percentage of weight in management’s annual performance reviews. Since implementing their Management Accountability Program, the client has reduced their employee accidents by 20% and their cost of accidents by 60%. We continue to monitor the effectiveness of this accountability program for additional improvements and efficiencies.

Atlas Success Story #3

A large general contractor was not marketable with other insurance carriers and their agent was unable to get them competitive quotes and adequate services. Atlas worked with the GC’s management and implemented an aggressive Accountability Matrix and Inspection Program that significantly improved safety on their projects. Each superintendent was scored by our consultant and held accountable for safety. In addition, the insurance carrier felt very comfortable knowing that Atlas’ Risk Control & Claims Management was servicing the account, because our successful track record of improving safety and bringing down costs preceded us. Within just a few years, the contractor’s rate decreased 30%, which translated into $30,000 premium savings. In addition to the rate, the experience modification number lowered and they saved $60,000 to $70,000 premium on Workers’ Compensation alone. This made the client very marketable to insurance carriers – and made the client very happy!

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The Atlas ‘Service Plan’

Atlas Client Consulting Services is available to you for an array of value-added services. We work with your executive management team to improve the risk management process within your company. To do this, we typically develop a comprehensive service plan based off of our safety and claims best practices.

The Atlas ‘Service Plan’

  • Develop a ‘Graphical Loss Analysis’ to identify accident loss trends
  • Create benchmarks that will assist in measuring safety performance for improvement
  • Evaluate loss trends, current exposures and controls
  • Provide solutions in the form of an action plan for improvement
  • Assist you with plan implementation
  • Monitor and measure plan effectiveness
  • Provide feedback to management


Creative Services provides a dynamic, self-service risk management and loss control web portal designed with you in mind. Client Connect is a convenient, easy-to-use, on-line communication solution and risk management resource that improves communication and has benchmarking capabilities, saves time, and reduces loss costs.

As a valued Atlas client, you will be able to access comprehensive industry-specific content, policy information, and industry news. Core content is updated weekly and classified by your company’s NAICS code, so you quickly access the most relevant data using a powerful built-in search engine.

Branded with your company logo, managers will have 24/7 access to policy information, safety content, and decision-making tools. An optional employee portal with custom document and announcement postings enables you to educate and inform your employees. Frequently asked questions, health and safety resources, forms, and even company news can be quickly posted for easy reference. The client portal is divided into eight sections for easy reference and may include custom items like current policies, certificate requests, or an old policy archive.

ClientConnect content includes:

  • Practical Risk Management Guide
  • 300 Industry Specific Safety Programs
  • OSHA Logs and Compliance Resource
  • Commercial Vehicle & Fleet Management
  • Crime Prevention Resources
  • Fire Prevention Content
  • Emergency Planning
  • U.S. Law and Legal References
  • Links to benchmarking information

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Please note, coverage information contained in this website is for illustration purposes only, is general in nature, does not represent insurance contract provisions and is not meant to take the place of an insurance review. Please read your policy for specific details or contact one of our Atlas Agents for more information.