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Transportation affects nearly every enterprise in Hawaii. Transportation exposures, however, can present significant financial and operational challenges to firms in this industry. Rising fuel costs, employee shortage and retention issues, credit risks, marketplace competition — these and other exposures can have a severe impact on a company's bottom line and impede its overall success.

Atlas meets those challenges for businesses such as trucking and livery, as well as organizations operating their own logistics and transportation systems. Our team analyzes our clients' full spectrum of hazard, operations, strategic and financial risks, then develops forward-looking solutions to avoid, mitigate, or transfer risk.  We offer semi-exclusive markets that are super competitive on truckers insurance, and Atlas has superior loss control expertise that can help reduce loss time of employees from warehousing and trucking exposures.  Atlas is the insurance partner you've been looking for!

Typical insurance coverages for transportation businesses include, but are not limited to:

Please note, coverage information contained in this website is for illustration purposes only, is general in nature, does not represent insurance contract provisions and is not meant to take the place of an insurance review. Please read your policy for specific details or contact one of our Atlas Agents for more information.