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In the financial services sector, there’s great potential for risk, be it operational, legal, regulatory, financial, information, strategic or personnel. The global credit crisis and regulatory changes are big parts of the current uncertainty in the Financial industry.  Another not so obvious risk is the lack of adequate Directors & Officers coverage when all organizations are making hard decisions to spend less - this puts you at direct risk.

You should know that two of the larger financial institutions that place their insurance locally work with Atlas Insurance Agency, giving us the credibility and expertise you're looking for.  Additionally, we have the worldwide reach to almost any insurer including Arthur J. Gallagher that has a significant financial institution client base.  This gives clients accessibility to the most competitive coverages and premiums.

How can you understand the trends and anticipate the impact of change? Atlas starts by investigating your exposures, claims and programs to identify your key risks and policy needs. We measure your exposure and plan an insurance mitigation strategy. We also consider your risk appetite, identify potential risk scenarios and select appropriate enterprise level risk response solutions, before defining metrics and implementing monitoring tools. We then continually evaluate the effectiveness of our solution.

Typical insurance coverages for financial institutions include, but are not limited to:

Please note, coverage information contained in this website is for illustration purposes only, is general in nature, does not represent insurance contract provisions and is not meant to take the place of an insurance review. Please read your policy for specific details or contact one of our Atlas Agents for more information.